2009-06-24 10:16:33 by Bomber109

Watch my movies, plz.

Mario Saves The Children!
Mario "Makes Water"
Yoshi's Flutter Jump Competition

Others that you watch go for BONUS POINTS!

You heard me. Please get me some, and watch my movies.


2007-10-12 20:18:09 by Bomber109




2007-08-12 22:20:01 by Bomber109

Yes, that's right, clock day is coming up soon!

Although I am not a clock, I will be submitting something for Clock Day! It'll just a be a short, nothing special, because I just found about C-Day the 10th (and I'm a little lazy). It should still bring out a few laughs, even though Strawberry Clock dies in it (which would something a little more suited for Anti-Clock Day.

(BTW, Anti-Clock Day is my birthday. Wowzors!)

EDIT: My CD submission is pretty much done. I'm holding back the urge to submit it now, especially because I would get banned from (actually, I don't know if they could find the link between accounts). Also, I found out that Anti-Clock Day apparently changes dates? Weird, why not have a stationary day?

Watch My Movies, Punks!

2007-08-07 11:34:55 by Bomber109

Watch 'em! Now!
A Bad Day For Yoshi
Luigi's Space Machine
Super Mario Six (Music Video)

And new productions releasing soon!

Luigi's Space Machine!

2007-07-23 19:20:32 by Bomber109

Luigi's Space Machine
Watch it! It took me a lot of work!

No, you do not need to memorize all the movie controls! Up Arrow shows a list of them while playing the movie! And read my artist comments!

Luigi's Space Machine!

LSM - Luigi's Space Machine

2007-07-22 18:14:10 by Bomber109

New movie in production: Luigi's Space Machine. Almost done, too.

Luigi's Space Machine Preview


2007-07-18 19:19:24 by Bomber109

That's right, Mario's Awesome Adventure 2 is in production!

If sounds stop going out of sync, this'll be out soon!

So, yeah.

Not much going on in my world of flashing. I'm working on a collaboration with a fellow SM member, Camjo, though. Expect T.T sometime in the future!