Luigi's Space Machine!

2007-07-23 19:20:32 by Bomber109

Luigi's Space Machine
Watch it! It took me a lot of work!

No, you do not need to memorize all the movie controls! Up Arrow shows a list of them while playing the movie! And read my artist comments!

Luigi's Space Machine!


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2007-08-02 16:35:25

Well, I didn't get to see the whole movie, (thank you very much to you god damn bastards who blammed it, you shits) but I did see the preview, and I noticed that i was the 7th person who had viewed it so far. It was pretty good, except you might have wanted to make a reason why Luigi's in the woods. A nyway, I would love it if you re-submmitted it so I could see the whole thing, and it would pobably go to my faves if you did, and if you did, you could send me a message to tell me you just did. Oh, and, I have also noticed pretty much nobody has left you a comment! Either way, good job, and thanks for telling me how to make Flash!


2007-08-02 17:22:10

Didn't get a chance to see the movie, but when reading the comments you received, I see you have to deal with the same problems I have.

I spend 6 to 8 MONTHS of work on my recently submitted movie, "A random Tribute to Roger Weide", yet I get only 8 reviews and a 2.99 score.

I didn't want to emphasize it, but it's actually the first real flash I ever finished while being the second flash I ever started working on.

Not bad effort for my 1 1/2th flash.

It appears to me that the majority didn't even watch more than 30 seconds of the movie before voting - 'cause the SIXTEEN MINUTES long movie had 26 votes after 6 minutes already, and one guy simply reviewed "wasnt funny and wasnt animated well and it wasnt all drawn by you you uesd sprites"

like, the movie has 5% sprite scenes, including the opening. Riiiiiiight.

Thanks for the fav...
Reminds me that not everyone here is a total jerk >_<

Bomber109 responds:

Some people on NG are fucked up.

Dude, that was probably the most well done Roger Weide tribute I've ever seen (it's a 3.08 now). You have skills, and dumbfucks who don't watch less than most of it and vote lower than a 4 need to get out. Really. Even though I do it, I typically vote five, unless the submission is really shit.


2007-08-02 17:28:29

Anyway, I just mean to tell you,
it's not because of your effort, it's not because of you, it's because of Newgrounds.