Trapperkeeper Techno Loop
Bomber109 - Chipper Classical Loop
Bomber109 - Crude Miscellaneous Song
Bomber109 - Barren Classical Song
Bomber109 - Poom Techno Loop
Bomber109 - Silence Techno Song
Bomber109 - Synthus Techno Song

2008 Submissions

Bomber109 - FastTech Techno Song
Bomber109 - Doom General Rock Loop
Bomber109 - Warehouse Video Game Loop
Typhoon - Bomber109 Techno Song
The Turd Woods Techno Loop
Egyptus Techno Song
Do You Play With Legos? Voice Demo Loop
TV - Happiness Techno Loop
TV - Dry Strings Techno Song
Jesus and Satan Revised Miscellaneous Song
TV - Geetar General Rock Song
Jesus and Satan Miscellaneous Song
TV - Acidic Troubles Techno Song
TV - Paradise of Crise Techno Song
TV - Metallic Bass Techno Song
The Vilectrix - The Vilectrix Techno Song